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dc.description.abstractSince the time electricity generation from water has started, plant operators and supervisors have been involved in operation, controlling, monitoring and data acquisition tasks manually. Later, relay logic control systems came into application which assisted the operators in start/ stop sequences of power plant yet monitoring and data acquisition tasks were done manually. During all these years, the accuracy of data acquisition and post-fault-decision was dependent on the experience and judgment of the operators and supervisors. Computer-based control and data acquisition systems have brought a revolution in every sphere of work and play a key role in hydro power plant operation also. The automation system design and implementation is being done in India for large hydro plants at a wide scale in recent times. But for small hydro power plants, automation system is yet to gain popularity. The main aim of this study is to find reasons attributing to slow adaptation of the automation corresponding to economic analysis in Indian small hydro power sector and, to report the present status of the automation in small hydro sector. The present study covers economic analysis of automation, which has been earned out with respect to capital cost, operation and maintenance cost of automation vis-a-vis increased returns. The problem with the slow adaptation of automation in small hydro power plants is due to mind-set of people. The full'potential of the automation system is not being realized. The cost of implementation of automation system in a small hydro plant is also studied which is about 5% of total project cost. The total annual loss per kW installed capacity due to non-automation for canal based ROR power plant is high as they carry large trash during rainy season. Also in the cascade type of canal based ROR power plants, operation of plants can be controlled from one site which reduces the cost on operation staff. However in dam toe based power plants there is practically not much revenue loss. The automation system helps in improving the reduction in profits due to proper data logging, improved maintenance and efficient working of the system. iiien_US
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