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Authors: Garg, C. L.
Issue Date: 1987
Abstract: With the ADO In population# grotty of induct ioov, increase in agricuituro uses .on9 incroaco in living standards of the people., the demand for rotor is increasing day by doy0 sahtle supply of water is insufficient to fulfil these demands. In such a situation, It bocotes necessary to search a suitable rn thod f:ii .,• ..Ich can be used efficiently to predict the Stream flowsusing ninimun ground data# ti and funds* Since the early 1970o Remote Sensing Techniques have becomemoo popular and suttabie tool for such studios,,*, cooping all the factors view, a dotailod study of Upper Yaruna catchiont upstream of Xa, ola (in Saharanpur district) on satolUto iagorieo coo carried out, to find a suitablo methodology so that a anon ably accu ato and doponti able forecasts can be made for water resoUrces planning. In carrying out this study, LANDSAT F.C.C. imageries on 11250#000 scale wore analysed to got land use and land cover classification Categories such as snow, this: forest# than forosty cultivated and racoy lard and bare land as well as t c overall hydrological soil group category in 'di'loront au ca ch ntc. The topographic slopes were obtained from Survey of India topochooto at l$2O,OOO ocalo, Using those data, along with available rainfall# stream flows eotiii stud by following trio apps+ rhos, Rattotjl formula method (9) Soil Conservation Sorvico TR..5$ rladol The core putod 1) day pozod t oo floc z during conauai poz od from the yoar 1972 to 1975 for TOno OUbcOtCh ft at Dakpathar v and during the yoarc )974 and 1975 for Yo na au + otchuent at Lakhv r and monthly otroam f1ois durtn the you 1972 to 1975 for the whole Upper Yotnuna catch nt at Tajo la wore cotiperod with the ok orvo surface glow 4th the help of ( ) $te.t±attco analyolo, (U) hydrog apha• and ".: .fI*V P tatIca curvet It van found that Rctioncl forculo vthod gave better roculto than SCS tnodoL Zia vor the above wntionod ttt apprOachas could be &cprwod i " adequate obsezvod iiof2 data, dataUUod toll c1asci tcat ►n (hythologLcal coil group) and t1w occuonttal LADSAT „tçez1oo could be ov&ddab1as The re ulto of those ata~dLQO vro voxy encoui aging and MID tathodo1ogy, with aultablo iUcntone could vory c 11 be wood foo prodicUon of wato y old for Upper Yamuna catch nt , and at ,lar other Uicloyan cotchcontc.- u
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Sharma, K. P.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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