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Authors: Chugh, Sonam
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Cloud Computing provides on demand IT resources, computation and services on pay-per-use basis. In Cloud Computing, storage is also offered as a service, where data owner can store their data in the cloud. Data is biggest asset to an organization & how could confidentiality, authentication and access control be outsourced. There is a threat to data owner that if CSP (Cloud Service Provider) is malicious or CSP has some vulnerability. Hence, data owner must have some way of ensuring the data is confidential from CSP. In this dissertation entitled "Access Control Based Data Security in Cloud Computing", a framework is proposed which secures the text files using hybrid cloud infrastructure with which the data security threat in Cloud technology can be solved. This model also provides an access control technique in which access to data based on user privileges. Encryption and authentication are two security measures you can use to keep your data safe on a cloud storage provider. Encryption maintains confidentiality, while authentication ensures only legitimate user accesses the data. Authentic users first encrypt their data and then stores into the cloud. Typically file encryption mechanism includes metadata attached to the protected object that contains information about how to decrypt the protected object. This metadata is part of the encrypted file header and is always inserted at the beginning of the file. This metadata allows individual users to access the file. One of the enhancements in this framework is to use concept of group key. In a typical organization users are grouped into groups. A Group Key is a key that is used by all users in a group. Main purpose of this application is to use a new type of key called "Group Key" that represents a group of users. File Encryption scheme will be enhanced to use group keys. With Group Key, it will be possible to modify the members of the group without affecting the Encrypted File Meta data associated with protected files. Data is one of the biggest assets for an organization, & my proposed framework is extensible enough that it allows an organization to decrypt the encrypted file.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Kumar, Sateesh
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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