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Authors: Mahajan, PremRaj
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Security is one of the important and challenging aspects in wireless sensor network owing to their wireless nature combined with limited memory, energy, and computation. We can classify security issue of the wireless sensor network into five broad categories as cryptography techniques, key_ management, routing protocols, intrusion detection and data aggregation. Since the key management forms an underlying factor for efficient routing protocol and cryptography in wireless sensor network, we focus on key management issue. In wireless sensor network key distribution scheme is required to address the bootstrapping problem. In security issue of wireless sensor, network, designing a protocol to bootstrap the establishment of a secure communication among the neighboring nodes with some pre-initialized secrete information but have had no prior direct contact with each other. Key distribution is challenging because of the limited memory, low computation power and low energy. That's why key distribution has gained lot of importance in research area as without it sensor network may not achieve the basic security requirement like authentication, integrity, authorization resulting in attacks like spoofing, altering, wormhole attack etc. In this dissertation, key distribution scheme has been proposed based which pre-distribution scheme for heterogeneous wireless sensor. Some previous existing key distribution schemes do not show the perfect resilience against node capture attack, some of the scheme do not show full connectivity, some scheme require large memory to store the keys, some scheme are not good for long life of the sensor network; while some schemes uses GPS to route the data. To overcome these problems we are storing very few keys into the, L sensors which reduces the memory constraints and it show perfect resilience to node capture attack. Further with the help of Received Signal. strength Index value and the proposed algorithm we can remove the GPS module of the sensor node. With our two cluster head policy we can increase the life of our wireless sensor network. All these methods help in the improvement of different parameters like resilience to node capture attack, memory requirement, connectivity.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Sardana, Anjali
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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