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dc.contributor.authorGrum, Hardev Singh-
dc.guideParsad, C.-
dc.description.abstractthis thosis is onsMsapt to study mm aspects of the pulsation of fluid siasses and is divide) in too ports* the nain port deals with the pulsation theory of Cepheid variableu* the equation for nail, adlabatlc and radial oscillations is derived in the first chapter and the solution is obtained for three oodels, include iau a latest stellar no el representing early aain stars* the third and fifth chapters deal yitfc pulsations* la the sixth chapter, the pulsational stability of the early sola sequence star mkw) 9tnsu┬źnnAt In part two, the equation is developed for eaall adlabalc oecillations of an electrically conduct* inw, infinite cylinder in presence of a Magnetic field parallel to its axis* the solutions are obtained for throe different confi^rations. In two of the con* figurations the density varies uith the distance fron the axis of the cylinder* the work, presented hero, is original research by the author except sections 1*3, 1*3, 3*3, 3*3, 6*2 and 7*3 which hare boon put in to present a connected account of the whole* The material of chapter I is in continuation of the work, started by tot, C* Prasad* It includes the first three cases, submitted by hia in his t>*Phil* thesis at oxford end sens further work, but six oases out of the twelve have bean completely worked out by the author* It is being published in the Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomies! society* Chapter VII has been accepted for publication in the Indian Journal of HatheaaUcs and chapters fill and XX in the Proceed* lngs of the national Institute of sciences (India)* the material of chapters fll to IX was also presented at the 48th* session of the Indian Science Congress held at Roorkee in January, 1961en_US
dc.typeDoctoral Thesisen_US
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