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Authors: Prakash, Chandra
Issue Date: 1984
Abstract: Mvanc.s In iecal tednQkog heva brought ever increasing oxg.r4c emetic coaoiads in waste a both as rejected 'bye products of industrid processes end/cr as residue. of coon +cxmi.rdtL products. it has resu'ted in the deadeti of malty of receiving des of and , and and try icing this b fl *Y use. Puro drro*t um is a stesi Stay Metal. It Is prime tror the szquio • two by reduction with ceded&.i4niva and 149 by v m reduction with carbon cw silica. The *stal has a variety of industrial appiicstion which i.flcludø its use in hightensile corrosion resistant eLlcys and in cutting tooLs, in p e 1ng, in anti*cctrosicn paints and wood pr.mrvetivee and t ate► c irdutxy. chrcnium has been considered be a todt t tei for many yes. its tocity have been rested both in hm*n 'ba.rg* as well an in the aniie1s. The .*posurS of hsn beings to air barns rcetu and chrc..ic acid * rti- cu lar y in h.z v ent tore has ben observed to oduc* irritation, daraatitiss, per t(W VAtLOn of the U8 SUM, ulcers and cancer of the respiratory try. izi4]arly its t+ .c effects have bean earn in rats its and aces of , uei'C c e2 s JJJCC fish. its 1io efticta the activity i t.s pro in the bia.ogLcaXtees end thereby . thee MOMMM f pre ctL0fltflg* There per verioQi sethods is icr the reicV4 a. :c ft r ♦s.. -r a .i £mss sre isn► o4 + for riVVflg chrotdt ftco elf. rrNr r! «:c k 3 w m 4 w : Ca I*1Y Njed mW*d which the ° "t.V wl► 15 t ut*t to `iVe form which # s l*s* toLtC. ncwsver,r. dmcrptiofl p'oce lip also very' usedbecmusO of its in t1oneXov Cost jnvoiv . "We, haste, 04 effort to and 04 a iIi wh,tt l cost e iabi* with eatW ptly* 0 zu the ptia*lt investLa5tiI mtuei have bees cond r ted on a dust in order e *t d.Ep1.iVe 4C 40 ties in a oD r* ation. us Is a 01) flg of an earlier study on batch tC*ct s made at this Ut4vsrdt4 VeXLOUI par* t * have been *voved to eØCtLtns the fw*c tioning of the cuntinuoUa opersttofl end 0 t1*.L odC as been prastedwig its b*VIOC in Z'iiaDVIflg
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