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Authors: Johnson
Issue Date: 1978
Abstract: ?~. i...`s. ~~f, 1 _ . f. a~ ~ a, s y s ••Nr _ t ~r 't ~u9 coro Gp ► o aD t7QU Co urban or000o D o am ucct Uy 1ttG t.nodo in boa t abo. 8ci dLaboijor cafo for caU opco ni000 tho t aco to inoroco4. yot poop o oftou2.ty Sabo oar lavo 000nz broto on o a and tho z2abo bohavo 1riit. It oc3o ozo to thtuIi that tho O b8 400icct2 by o1cottc ' 1C3 ov oftcn over cafo a oor j tcoto1 aotor of oo2oty, ffotj tho 'aov to rtn&, e p ato havo born oor2oEt out for thic fihooto to*otorztno theul,9 . to otonth of fbiovco ' vl to Oo Ito o oh In bow iU Chaco* AID* o otu of yi d Undo pittora of LW a1 bo hoo boon cerU4 out for both typoo of awn coui2itonc i.e. odoa 1.zo and citrp3y ctzporto in cU ton barn eu four o3,abo of nforooi b o x a k huvo boa a Ito oa4 olio r oroc ►c t eod 1v Ton 0001 to Novo s bor o nc . 2to ntco of ttioIc to CUD Mot be f of rox b c 0 go o, .2 cn 6 Cm v sin OELO? to aoitavo tottQr yioot1 Ono torrz, Co tho ytoo4 11=0 n z cMq Pcco t1wowi tho Plato iici ore tho v, c! oct can, 3ovo'c uoofti craatoto have boci &ci c oe3iczcttono ca n OQrt3 jj4 2hoo to ot1. os po r c totc atio ctty of the cvtowot rooed b ~O
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Singh, K. K.
jain, S. C.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
Appears in Collections:MASTERS' DISSERTATIONS (Civil Engg)

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