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Authors: Raina, Mohan Krishan
Issue Date: 1967
Abstract: A Iona & coc utor P am to boon ps'oparod for tho and17of o of towct*nz,11y wOniotant wootnu1ir bwldtjo ,Gw Uoao ~a rip of V710ma iC CM i non .wpr ,Ot ,* ncboro, I'ou 'toon t la oo i eon I ovow b$ 6o o 111MCoo boo bran onuiyood by unin3 Iin p1oroi, Stnco tho bonaod o nt lovow bwtdgo CrIllacr eonoioto *tof asa0 oo utow pwo c o rikavo bocâ–º p oparod top tho dote not on or of tfn000 oono Cristo o on y vOr a torn Ond f isodott1 c O X O top tciowod Tco3ocot on lO0W0u Thwoo airdor 1trtUoe at th ovoa an on ono otdo, tt woo c$ ow Crillajoo' t itt ovorhon;,, on both o doc ctJ fow? car-602 le""0i ail b ovorhon,3 on ono 01do taro boon anc1pccd. In tt o onat7nto, t*lo offoot of lonCitudtnal cnc2 twcnovov'oo ct ft'noaoon1 depth of Orono Barra o of p ow0 and aunt tovow onio, cis to cnntfltwow ratta, opan to V dtt woo o, on (too load d~.otwU ition pottown boo boon otbdicd. Prom the waca4to of the cttoro anniVo altto wvOf ito ootho o ho boon o oatod for the loot u of bo1c cod awttlovow bwid 1o, 4-*
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Nayak, G. C.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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