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Authors: Marathe, Pratap Dattajirao
Issue Date: 1965
Abstract: A pCViUC OflCiflOor3c d cophalt to olo toto rr r. t s. t• • s m 1 r w !a a. •• ♦ 1 1 a■ s i. a r i w • a . ♦ a a/ a Nal ' ■ 'a •t i ■ ■ is A a ♦ s R • M • ■ .. ,c` y ■ ! . NM1• R : / r •'. # y . ■ fa ■ e: '+ • 1 r M r ara s s a N` +ru ■Y a.• {.• y . ■ i ♦A ■aa R• V . r a ; • • •r s ■ a ' ■ a r i a s •.r ■ aoa R. a•E r +n!•~. a c a-•_• .' ■t♦.a.t:. atiw a r~! w■ ♦• _•r .:•..w: :sw:■ i s .} i. w i ■ e r♦ a A s• • t ♦ a .. i r t P s • a a+■ Y w. r a a i R a yta` a♦ M Qbooluto vtocootty► to cog tb mot iJPOrtCn1+ cad unicnto1 ooloiaal pr po y of oopholt. Vtaaoot 7 of aophz1t to tho boot ac auto of otcnoy and pwwa t paz`o ao■ Aopiato in pavocu 10 opcoo4 to r~i4o toozaturo voriatici thzouait tho air (La roz ¶7thto to +or) • Li cold vor tbor cophaltoroo?in can rocult from 'a o ■a.~ ti. aa.a r_' as!ra srt♦w • ♦•' 4 M• t• J♦ta~a ~r . •♦ I r • • •.■ Z erN~• ~a rr a .1A a;r,,a a r~. , ii.s '.~t~ ~■ •a,r a a■. r !. •♦• a♦•r: '.■..■'. mar' ChZ4OiO4 tho o oct of otbar Qopba].t proportico and pavcconO o is oto i otico. It rya coo found by coo oo- tic to ( ) 'tb t for o tvon pc v000nt D tho 1Loa of rt t . DICu, coo writt on in thv gc at hc~a; ato oo 'ho oori p icjuro of doib1ioamhia cow. ^ _ j] 1t_&'.1 1, tt r `1 ~ `" 14t'.QQ. ^ /. rt •• depth per million wheel passes iran linearly related to the log of asphalt viacosity. Port aer it has also been pointed out by Sony authors that stability value of aepheltio mixtures are s- tunattons a! asphalt viscosity .i. • . the stabs. city values are strongly influenesd b vilcous reaietanas of binder. So asphalt to mixtures should be designed on the basis of absolute viscosity. TWO It is felt that fundasea e3. absolute viscosity has a great future in becoming an Important tool in replao ng the more hetrow genous syretema of epeziosi tests for specification aM also the design of mixes. The use of asphalt for roadpurpoe.e is theombi- nation with mineral aggregate. 8tt before going to the mixes, it is naoessary to know the absolute vieoosi or asphs],tiu material items. Inc this investigation it in proposed to oarxy out the detoxmination of absolute viscosity of asphalt to materials i.e. bitumen and Tar, at various temperatures. In cue of bitumen tip diff ant penetration grades of asphalt to cements were used, • 'with temperature variation from 100 to 40*0 only. In one of Tar the temperature range visa frow 00 to 75°C. It is also proposed to carry out the usual routine tests of penetration and duet i ty for eephats at varying 4 • ap tw 3 •1 other teaperatuzea at whioh oous~iste nay or the binder has or tioa1 v uo influencee pavernent pezforitinoe. In tnzthe other usual routine tests were mde to find out w UM correistiona between then.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Vaswani, N. K.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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