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Authors: Sanwal, Chandra Shekhar
Issue Date: 1965
Abstract: 1 o t flt 'oAut. n. The hyperbolic paraboloid shells have beoo*e ,Very popular all over the world on account of their ,pleasing appearance ønd ease of cone tru+ott.sn0 This shell root has been made popular by the interesting examples of •R*itx Candella (13) .and others. Some very bold and aesthetically pleasing stmaturas have been designed making use S the excellent arobi teotru nsI possibilities of this type of a+ rans shell. The umbrella typo shell is so well knowa. nor, The forawork becomes even simpler than those for cylindrical shells bsoause of the peculiar gsow.trioal property of the hyperbolic paraboloid that it can be generated by the translation of a straight line so that •aoh wad travels along another straight line, The two straight lines are oontaiaed in two parallel planes but are not at the snore time in a cession plans and therefore the snit ar form work can be *ad* out of straight boards or planks although the shell surface itself is doubly curved and of negative gaussian curvature, 2 F rth©rmore, we obtain an 000noni oal us a of the oo rtruotion w►tsriala. At the sake tins* the shell has a staple structural eaCUU on* by reiytng on for* or sharps for strength than on case# the double curvature enables the loads to be transferred to supports a most entirely by direct $roes so that most of the material in the oross.ssoti on of the shell to uniformly stressed, oano*y in the oaas tnaotl on and save in design of hyperbolic paraboloids alloy 'b* architect to 4ipart froc the convect. tional praotiOs of fbrotng all atruottn es to oonfor■ to networks of linear tabors confuted to three perpon4loular planes and to sake t*n,t(ifative use of the many grooeful
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Arya, A. S.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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