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Authors: Surappa, Keshavamurthy
Issue Date: 1962
Abstract: The problom of T c cian dato o back to 18550 uho n C aint-Vonant Savo anolycin on Torsion of Prismatic Barn. 8olutiont hczo boon Civon by flodai and PrandtL using Son~i•tHonp and lombrano 4ru11oc Cb s, Latc on tb outical an o q 'imontal investigations on Plain and Reinforced concrete roctangular sections have been carried out by nany people. Among tIisse, the c rks of Andorcon and Co Jcmn aro of groat importanco. Reinforced soct one included to arrangements of roi forooriontso ncmely 45 dogroo spirals anfi a combination of lonjjbtudinal bars and hoops & Theoretic though both the arrango- nonte should Provo offoctivo t o coo extent, the ozporitaantal results disogroo. Tho exact reasoning in not known. The author oxporiitontally studied the behaviour under torsion of nquaro coctlons of Plain and Reinforced Conoroto boeic, The boo included t ro crangomentó of roinforcenonto,, viz, g 45 dogroo' spirals and a oonbingtion of circular hoops and longitudinal bare. The effect on the, tdrai onal strength was studied undor concrete of 4,j for nt strength. it i✓o>;,obnorved that Se spiral roinforcos nt is noro offoctivo than the othor in rocistha torsion, Providing hoops and londltudiaa, bare does not such inprovo •tho roeiotanco to torsion oarporod to plain cor sroto. t7urthor it in observed that, at fa 1 ro, bone t ith spiral roinforconont do lop ucU distributed cracks as o,;r~inst a single crack in plain concrete bode an toll an bocac t►ith hoops and longitudincmlo, xho ozpo riaontal results of r uz► torque at failuro a rco iit i thoso obtoinod by Various theoretical analysis only in the fortor oezo. In the as ttor case only Cogan+o theory Civet rooults noaror to actual vrizôo. Por designing Roinforcod Concrete members undor'. toroi'n 13.3. Man's theory can be ainliod uitb cuf' icion +ccur'ac
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Singh, O. P.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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