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Authors: Katare, Purshottam Dass
Issue Date: 1961
Abstract: Dricl - baljaot forms a good auubotjtuto as a coarso agf rogate in taking the oonoroto,, rhon tho atone ballast or ;1rave is not aipajj 3blo at roasonab ,o cost and Dro nity. i djnzari y tho brick ballast is nothing but broltori piocoa of Vol burnt bricks of good quality0 Tho main factor such ao the unit oight crush Ong atron~gth 4nd absorption poor of coa oo aggroto twi t hatPO ' co aidorablo offoct on the overall strength and d'at'a° bility of concretoo RonOOD It bo00zos n000t3cary to tf,J as to chat o ant the concrete tado trcii bs etz - ballaot can ho used oconaoioally. In to present tbosi t, v rjouo proportfor of concrete Wine bPiotcbollant as coar oo aggregate have boon studied, Tho test Spooinono using brick ballast from lot 'class bricks Toro proparod with difforont rai ro uni different vator / comont Patios. It has boon touun . that for plain brick ballast Concrete tho a proasivo otrongth modulus of ruptures eooffjejont of shrinkage Of orpansjon# unit troig t and elastic eonotant ouch as noduluo of olantieitlos and nodulua of rigidity are almost Caro as those of plain otono ballast conorotoo An oquivalont formula for bbra&o tator / cement ratio law has boon dovelopod in oao0 of oonoroto Wing brick blast, ^o make uco of thin oonoroto in reinforced eonoroto construction# difforont proportios litso, 0 the diagonal tension, the bond strength and the eolnpreS-siva strength at the ultimate fatluro of the beam have also been found# The co~offtC1~►nt of expansion plays an important role in reinforced concrete &s It is A eoinposite structure of steel and con< rote and has been studied ^parr carefully. I
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Srivastava, S. S.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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