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Issue Date: 1961
Abstract: sildl bit " the trosi oothg on atsr1ai batb a thi xsuIti dsforastins1 xespctis. in ths bo4, 1n tr *oMntos of ldssi3j elastic 4! ' ` the s j attntb.caøotths2sa14obodisssp't of thedtoi.d. rsspon.s n be rscosrsd c rsmov4 of the fooia, whereas the part is .ithex , U irree*.rabia a part of # S. fuUi !rable and the rest is delqed recover 1.1 The l ddai*n 1. inci u 34 the 1 ohwa +* of fO?Mb1I bodies are at of the procesass of trsnstceatte, g md the W princes 3*va of theLcs and szp'iu of tcrees stresassais*m" ' d t4io,s. Thus a "4rr` w t rSspernN,R '` a 1trts1 In neral, in the i.ible .tibct, of the traneforiation of .nar ` taking pleaS vtthth thet struot d in$ application and riliar of**%I Zornds# Vbstawr total irk (W ) the applied forces p rfom on a struor part of it in a th,r interval 04t" is trsnotomd 28,4 Into the SoUoving two psi of Iasi ,) Rio anva Wl, profti q. the notion of the stuotws or a part ofit$$* ~$ (2) Straia«vark w5 • which nos UP internal reaction of the .truot~n and parodues chsnss of disansion. and of rhepS, l+R4 page 2. a .2. . The First Isv of tt*rac4ioa►mss+ of $ closed (co nser sU i) aprst.a ststs. %halt tM s ' of 0t ally 4o jntsr ' ; tM fwo s' V = W'm + Wk art, g4w eft of dt t, In service it s', It is o c*.zy $0 sesu %Mt ^%bo .soar m*$ d t1 •ffot is ccsidpr.d coly when the tea% of the str to s i as a rso4t at the app3iciti of sztern.l rem$i We ossd, This will sikn the ki**tio pset (Wig) of the total vcrk 1W) sewo# md the " the w ►k dam► c the srttis would be a at blo a-* the str*invork w5), 8,6 IrtzC OfAw IN- + . t aa►e d tiou (Firat law of sip oI), ccoe nii the proosi of tir afcrnastisis of the wo* dose osd$ into tam ! ►, it follows tb t the strs$.*iw'k (We) in its tumowould be trsr.tsed into two trn typs Of a gi*s ph.. orup t to two of dstaawetsoer t A ft.. potential r. r tF, which is otorod in a body and brings about d*t tip ohs d. (2) A Mamd sser ii'which is +col d into Met AM brings sbo fiber set of drfüm*t a~ ss d2. • The fs *ving volition holds vin t3 bsseu.e the two iut.rrmi sasrgisa (Vk and N ) bra" bean ~sd wit the Vv%ft of the +rtx~ + O I uZ-- by the sztrnal vcrk (V)1 TM a of %boss ;drawl oawsLos tbsrs'tori, should buenos the supplied' k«. • S. as-- t'-' Rend bj ► s 'V Thustud ~ " is1 Ve _ Wp t WD yr r ' MA Oft , and comp2.tsiy rtlrnassd when the mss £0 re ssd' It L. thuxi tars, the besto o the free ponce •tea NOO that it is sibstared up a t.7*OU 0 '!d oa orb, c*pistiiy trndoiag n the what it did when the s r sppUad. Thu the of t o ►e (dst w awl ø s a,,&) of the free potential .n.rq (vi) are ospable of *, oepiat. era+ it retry its" on- bed rebeas, AU the aliens or dtsezrnions i-reduusd this part of the sraisok (V1) are, therefore, eouw3 reooy.rsbl. ad hsnoe are slast2o in riatt., Thu boi*4 ` (W0) h, to a2.wqs dtseipitd into its and s# therefore, a account0 irrev tiJ in nntiu, WU1inapmp 0,0 0 0 dissipation of *w1,beads to perasaint dstósstiois, and therefore ill the dsfwmti;on*b + euq*ass (ova ) associated with of the r straitn work (V5) are Irrecosersbl. a up frausabore, the most g.nsrabeqtation' of the distarUcaisi cue in duforasbie bodis. lei 4W - g1+ dWp + '4W A 0 * 0 0 (4) Wily 29 0 it 3s the most genarab equation in that AA tholudus the .xprssslon. tar Kinetic Mme' O ebpo.Kixatio.psrg (U) has been ford t • equation (a) t + ar ptio that the 2~ 81.0 of
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Research Supervisor/ Guide: Jain, O. P.
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