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Authors: Sriuastava, Surya kumar
Issue Date: 1984
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to compare private and public textile industry employees in terms of job satis faction and organizational climate. The total sample for the study constituted 437 private sector employees (Work ers-240, Superviscrs-126,and Executives-71) and 419 public sector employees (Workers-196, Supervisors~151.,and Executives- 72) belonging to various departments. The present study was conducted in private and public textile indus tries in the city of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh). The main objective of the present study was to determine whether any relationship existed between job satisfaction and organizational climate in private and public sectors. The question investigated was, whether employees of these two sectors differed in terms of job satisfaction. Similarly, the question of whether employees of these two sectors differed in their perception of organizational climate was also investigated. In the present study, organizational climate is an independent variable and job satisfaction is a dependent variable. In the present study, a scale constructed and stan dardized by H.C. Ganguli to measure job satisfaction was used. In this study job satisfaction was measured on only two dimensions viz. satisfied and dissatisfied. The scale used in this study consisted of 29 statements and measured eight dimensions of job satisfaction viz. salary, job security, nature of work, senior/junior relationships, Ill advancement, working conditions, unions, and communication. Organizational climate scale which was used to measure the perception of organizational climate was that of G.H. Litwin and R.A. Stringer. In this study perception of organizational climate was measured on only two dimensions viz. favourable and unfavourable. The scale contains 50 statements and measures nine factors viz. structure, responsibility, reward, risk, warmth, support, standard, conflict, and identity. Data thus obtained was subjected to various statistical tests, beginning with Mean, Standard Deviation, t-test, Chisquare and Correlation. Findings of the study indicate that : 1. There is statistically significant difference between private and public sector employees in terms of job satisfaction and also on perception of organizational climate. 2. The relationship between job satisfaction and organi zational climate was found quite significant for both private and public sectors- 3. Private sector employees are better than public sector employees in terms of job satisfaction. 4. The organizational climate of private sector employees was perceived favourable and public sector employees was perceived unfavourable. The overall picture that emerges is that things are much better in private sector as compared to public sector.
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