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Authors: Rana, Samridhi
Keywords: Scenedesmus Obliquus;Fossil Fuels;Chlorella Sirokiana;Response Surface Methodology
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: IIT ROORKEE
Abstract: Excessive use of fossil fuels and environmental degradation has led us to generate efficient and environment friendly sources of energy. Third generation algal biofuels are considered to be the most promising alternative source of energy as compared to first and second generation biofuels. Microalgal strain Scenedesmus obliquus was grown in N-11 media under different nutrient starvation conditions to enhance lipid content of the cells. Among all the nutrient deficient conditions, Phosphorous deficient was found to be more suitable where 2.58 g/L biomass was achieved on 15th day against 1.56 g/L biomass in nutrient rich. The Lipid Content in Scenedesmus obliquus was observed maximum in Phosphorous-Nitrogen-Potassium deficient N-11 media on 20th day i.e. 52.941 % against 41.46% in nutrient rich. The maximum biomass and lipid content can be obtained at condition (5 g N deficient, 13.41 g P deficient and 5 g K deficient) i.e. 52 g/L and 49.35% as suggested by Response Surface Methodology (RSM). It was also observed that Scenedesmus obliquus has the tremendous capability to treat waste water. After treatment of grey water nearly the range of drinking water or clean water was achieved. Further, different algal strains were isolated from the local water bodies to explore their potential for waste water treatment and biodiesel production. Among them most suitable microalgal strain was identified as Chlorella sirokiana. Hence the integration of waste water treatment with biodiesel production process will be cost effective, carbon neutral, environment friendly and will also provide clean water.
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