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Authors: Raina, Amit
Keywords: Conventional Finishing;Giving Good Surface;Rotational;Working Gap
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: I I T ROORKEE
Abstract: Surface finish of a product is one of the most imperative parameter that affects its functional properties. Good surface finish not only gives better aesthetical value to the product but also adds up its functional value. In the modern day world everyday new materials are being developed that need better finishing process. Conventional finishing processes are not capable enough to finish these new advanced hard materials. Magnetic abrasive finishing solves this problem. Magnetic abrasive finishing is capable of giving good surface finish value up to nano levels. In this present study experimental investigation of various process parameters affecting this process and its suitability on surface finishing of pane and flat surfaces is done. The experiments were planned using central composite design model of response surface methodology. Rotational speed of the magnet, working gap and mesh number were found to be the main parameters affecting the surface quality generated by magnetic abrasive finishing process. in the nano meter with the finishing time of 5 minutes. All the experimental process is performed on inconel 718 alloy as workpiece. To study the surface finish quality achieved surface roughness tester and scanning electron microscopy were also conducted.
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