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Authors: Sahu, Madan Mohan
Keywords: Renewable Energy;PHIL Testing;PV Power System;Real Time Digital Simulator
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: IIT ROORKEE
Abstract: Renewable energy sources are gaining interest now a day for its eco-friendly behaviour. Therefore most of the countries in the world have mandated that some portion of their utility must be from renewable sources. Solar power generation has also become more popular because of no limitation area for installation, no production of pollution. The rate of solar panel installation is increasing all over the world, so it is necessary to test the behaviour and properties of PV generation system when it is connected with the grid system and to study the problem which arises under different grid uncertainty condition. The present dissertation analyses the PHIL testing of a PV power system simulated using RTDS. P1-IlL testing is a hybrid combination of pure physical test and pure software simulation test analysed together in a real time platform. In this work 13bus IEEE distribution test feeder has been simulated in Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS), and an external hardware PV panel connects to the RTDS through Gigabit-transceiver analog input (GTAI) interface card. PHIL methodology used can be extended for development of in-house testing, emerging of distribution testing, simulation and virtual testing. It can be analysed to a PV power generation system for better efficiency and better operation during several condition of grid.
URI: http://localhost:8081/xmlui/handle/123456789/15013
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Padhy, N.P.
Jena, P.
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