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Authors: Kumar, Amit
Keywords: Photovoltaic System;Energy Analysis;India;Solar Photovoltaic
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: I I T ROORKEE
Abstract: Photovoltaic systems are the most important, reliable, eco-friendly and promising technologies for energy conversion, which will play a major role in sustainable energy system. Most of the Indian Territory receive adequate amount of solar radiation, which is necessary for the development of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for power generation. Photovoltaic system must be energy efficient and reliable if they are to replace conventional energy sources. Life time Energy Analysis plays a major role in the advancement of PV Technologies and their application in the field of energy efficiency. It includes the total lifetime of the PV system, encompassing raw material production, manufacturing, use, and maintenance and end-of-life management. This thesis analyses the Energy Payback Period and Life Time Energy Efficiency of Photovoltaic Module for major cities of India. . For this purpose, Energy consumption required for making different component of PV module, annual energy available from PV module and output energy of module in its lifetime is calculated. Each of the energies required for manufacturing, material production, use and distribution of the system have been taken into account to determine the embodied energy of the PV module. The amount of solar radiation incident on a solar panel is affected by the local climatology, orientation and tilt angle with the horizontal plane and the ground reflectance properties. This thesis also analyses theoretical aspects of choosing solar panel tilt angle used at different locations of india. Finally a comparison of received energy is made while optimizing the tilt angle monthly, seasonally and annually. AV
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Research Supervisor/ Guide: Das, Devadutta
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