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Title: Balancing Energy Consumption in Intra-Vehicular Wireless Network (IVWN) of Automated Cars
Authors: Meena, Surendra
Keywords: Energy Consumption;Intra-Vehicular Wireless Network (IVWN);Automated Cars;Wireless Devices;Vehicular Wireless Sensor Network (VSN).
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Department of Computer Science and Engineering,IITR.
Abstract: As the demand of comfort and automation in vehicular systems increases, several hundreds of devices (sensors, actuators, etc.) are being placed in newer automotive systems. With the increase in wiring cables connections between these devices, the weight of a vehicle increases significantly, which degrades the fuel efficiency of vehicle. In order to reduce the weight of a car, wireless communication has been introduced to replace wiring cables between some devices. However, the extra energy consumption for packet transmissions by wireless devices requires frequent maintenance, e.g., recharging of batteries and also there is a risk of packet unwanted packet losses. Here we are trying to balance the energy dissipation among devices while maintaining the delay constraint for safety critical issues in vehicular wireless Sensor Network (VSN). So, that the overall battery lifetime or network lifetime can be increased and the frequent recharging of batteries can be avoided and hence reduce the maintenance overhead.
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