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Title: QoS aware Web Service Selection using Modified Gray Wolf Optimizer
Authors: Agarwal, ashutosh
Keywords: Web service composition;QoS aware;Gray Wolf Optimizer;MGWO Algorithm
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Computer Science and Engineering,IITR.
Abstract: Web service composition has become an important tool to implement complex business processes demanding multiple functionalities to be served. Selecting best set of services for composition becomes crucial when, there are large number of services available serving the same functionality but differing in various QoS attributes. When global constraints on non-functional characteristics like total cost or availability of the composite service, are given the problem converts itself into an optimization problem. Some solutions using meta-heuristic techniques has been developed for this problem in the past years. We propose applicability of Modified Gray Wolf Optimizer for this problem. Furthermore we compare the results of Genetic Algorithm, GWO and MGWO algorithms and we found that the result obtained from MGWO algorithm is better than GA and GWO, in terms of solution efficiency.
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