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Authors: Rao, Balla Taraka Malleswara
Keywords: Bridge Substructures;Bridges;Seismic Code;SAP2000;Seismic Deficiency;Reinforced concrete (RC)
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Department of Earthquake Engineering IITR
Abstract: Seismic assessment of bridges is very important to know the structural deficiencies in the existing bridges. In the recent past earthquakes, structural deficiencies in many of the existing bridges have been observed, because most of them were constructed before the advancement of seismic code. This study deals with seismic evaluation of two bridge substructures to know its seismic performance. The finite element models of two bridge substructures have been developed in SAP2000. The response spectrum analysis, nonlinear static analysis and capacity spectrum methods have been employed to determine the base shear, capacity and demand respectively. The response spectrum analysis and the capacity spectrum method have been done by using the design response spectrum given in IS: 1893-1984, IS: 1893 (Part 3)-2014. The seismic deficiency has been obtained under MCE condition as per IS: 1893 (Part 3)-2014. The reinforced concrete (RC) jacketing and carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) jacketing have been employed for improving the seismic performance of the bridge piers. The retrofitted bridge piers have been modelled in SAP2000 for evaluation of its performance by using the pushover analysis and capacity spectrum method.
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