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Authors: Yadav, Abhimanyu
Keywords: Construction;Poor Soils;Seismic Bearing Capacity;Strip Footing
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Department of Earthquake Engineering IITR
Abstract: Due to the increase in population, demand for construction increases and the use of poor soils becomes absolutely necessary. Settlement and soil bearing capacity play an important role in the design of foundation. Seismicity of the site is another vital parameter in design of the foundation for a structure. Therefore, seismic bearing capacity of soil becomes an important component in the design. In poor soils, ground improvement techniques are commonly used to improve the soil bearing capacity. If poor soil is improved by using geo-synthetic, then it becomes feasible to use shallow foundations instead of deep foundations for the same structure, thus effecting economy. Through this study, we analysis the seismic bearing capacity of strip footing on reinforced soil subjected to eccentric inclined load. This approach is based on the analysis proposed by Binquet and Lee (1975) for a strip footing subjected to static load. Due to eccentric inclined loading, three types of load distribution acting across the strip footing. We found out the normal stress and shear stress at any point below the footing by superimposition of stresses acting on strip footing due to a uniform vertical load, a triangular vertical load and a horizontal seismic load. Plots of non-dimensional parameters IZ, JZ and MZ prepared for different cases of seismic acceleration, eccentricity and inclination angles. Bearing capacity of strip footing with different layers of reinforcing ties on earth bed is found out.
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