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Authors: Gyanendra
Keywords: HEMT(High Electron Mobiily Transports)
Quantum Hall Effect
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Department of Physics,IITR.
Abstract: Concept of HEMT flashed over world in late seventies. Idea born in Fujitsu Lab of Japan and made the world known with HEMT characteristics .It was presented for high frequency application that could compete with conventional MESFETs. It was realized for all characteristics with revolutionary change in technology required for manufacturing semiconductor devices. Scientist identified presence of 2-DEG for all its alarming performance and its matter of research till now. Invention of 2-DEG paved way for identifying Quantum Hall Effect and its properties, this work is recognized worldwide. First AlGaN HEMT was demonstrated in 1994. At present it’s replacing power and optoelectronics devices operating at high frequency. In the present dissertation work we have numerically simulated HEMT degradation with help of Physics based modelling. Following this model current voltage (I-V) characteristics is obtained and related reliability is studied.
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