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Authors: Sharma, Manisha
Keywords: Nanomaterials;Quantum Dots;DLS(dynamic light scattering);Confocal Microscope
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Department of Physics,IITR.
Abstract: Nanomaterials are excellent example of application of quantum well effect in physics. Their wide variation in energy band gap and physical and chemical properties with respect to change in size from macro to nano(10-9 m) order, make them an promising agent to use widely in different fields and for different purposes. Among all nanomaterials, quantum dots are effective agents of imaging in bio-medical sciences. Their tunable band gap thus wide fluorescence helps in imaging cells and also can be used as nanocarriers to carry drug thereby, showing multimodal imaging. In this project work, synthesis of CdSe quantum dots was done through colloidal method and then their characterization using DLS(dynamic light scattering), UV-vis spectrophotometer and fluorescence spectrophotometer was performed. Thereafter, these quantum dots were utilised to form two different nanocomposites containing drugs too through mini-emulsion process. Thus formed nanocomposites were used as an imaging agent to study the cancerous cells with cell line a549 when drug is released in them through confocal microscope.
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