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Authors: Singh, Vaibhav Kumar
Keywords: various aspects
sliding mode controller
terminal sliding mode
Issue Date: May-2016
Abstract: This project is focussed on various aspects of sliding mode controller design and suppression of chaos in complex non-linear system using the same. It aims at analysis of methods which can improve the performance of sliding mode controller with respect to various other methods. There are numerous ways which modify sliding mode strategy in different directions to overcome its flaws such as chattering, asymptotic convergence etc. This project keeps its main focus on dynamic sliding mode design which involves addition of an extra dynamics to the system with the primary aim of removing chattering however this addition of dynamics also helps in acquiring desired performance specification from the system such as improvement in transient performance. To eliminate asymptotic convergence of sliding mode , terminal sliding mode has been investigated and modified for better robustness and singularity avoidance. This report presents a comparative analysis of all these upgrades of sliding mode control applied to different chaotic system. Two different control strategies have been developed, firstly for a generalized partially linear system with minimum control input requirement. Secondly, control strategy for any generalized chaotic system using both non-singular terminal as well as dynamic sliding mode concept have been developed and compared with already established results.
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