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Authors: Mishra, Nalin
Keywords: Power systems
electrical distribution
fuzzy controllers
Issue Date: May-2016
Abstract: Power systems is the backbone of electrical distribution. Power systems is interconnected in nature. Various single areas are connected together to make a bigger system called the multiarea system. There are various disturbances in Power System like change of load, short circuit, open circuit occurring time to time in the system. Any type of these disturbances in this system causes deviation in the system frequency. The electrical equipment that are used in daily life are highly dependent on system frequency. If there is any frequency change the equipment gets affected and will cause mal-operation of the whole system. So it is highly important to maintain the deviations within limits as soon as possible after the disturbances. This thesis presents the problem of load frequency control in power systems. Load Frequency Control is very important in Power Systems for safe and reliable power supply. Load Frequency Control restores the balance between generation and end load demand. This causes stabilization of system frequency. This thesis gives the solution to this problem by the designs of various controllers. Work is done to get faster and better response for Load Frequency Control. In this thesis, conventional PID controllers, fuzzy controllers, HVDC link, and Particle Swarm Optimization based controllers are used to study Load Frequency Control in Multi-area power systems. It shows the effectiveness of using these controllers for Load Frequency Control. By the use of these controllers the frequency of the system stabilizes. In this thesis the controllers were used to obtain the response of the system after disturbance in multi-area systems. The results obtained by these controllers are compared with each other and conclusion is obtained at the end.
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