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Authors: Kumar, Anuj
Keywords: nano-structured;oxide;respectively;characterization
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Abstract: The work presented in this thesis is based on nano-structured oxide thin films. In the first chapter a pertinent description of thin film is given. PLD technique is used for film fabrication. X-Ray diffractometer, FESEM-EDAX and Premier II (Radiant Technology) is used to characterise the thin films, a succinct description of all the instruments is given in introductory chapter. BFO (BiFeO3) and BTO (Bi4Ti3O12) materials are chosen for thin film fabrication. BiFeO3 and BTO’s, bulk and thin film preparation and all the characterization are given in chapter 2 and chapter 3 respectively. Experimental and theoretical results are discussed in both the chapters. Chapter 4 includes the application part of oxide thin films, MRAM technology is described and a firm comparison of MRAM with other technologies of computer memories is given. Finally a conclusion of complete work is given in the last. To develop an understanding of the work, a number of review papers, research papers, books and Internet sources are referred; a complete list of references is given at the last of thesis
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