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dc.contributor.authorShrikoti, Ankit-
dc.guideSharma, M. P.-
dc.description.abstractRiverbank filtration is a natural water treatment technology that consists of withdrawing water from rivers by pumping wells located in the adjacent to the river. During the process when water passage underground, a series of chemical, physical, and biological processes take place, improving the quality of the river water, During percolation, polluted contaminants present in river water are filtered and stable. It is an alternating or reducing conventional drinking water treatment. Riverbank Filtration technology provides a cost-effective technique, Results signifies that the use of RBF can reduce membrane treatment costs by 15-20 percent. Study site is 18 m thick gravel-sand unconfined aquifer and surrounded by surface water bodies. There are 20 production well and 2 monitoring well along the vicinity the river Ganga and upper Ganga canal. Distances between surface water sources and the production well are more than 120 m, and the shortest travel times are 75 and 85 days for monsoon and non-monsoon periods, respectively. During the post monsoon period, surface water exhibited increased turbidity by 5–20 times, bacterial count of around 10-15 times and decreased electrical conductivity of around 0.7 times compared to pre monsoon samples. So checking of impact of R.B.F at Haridwar, we consider some water Quality parameter and check the performance in post monsoon and pre-monsoon season. Turbidity, and total coliform removed from surface water approx. 95 % and 99.9% respectively. Water quality index checked by NSFWQI of all sample, and the result observed that water quality of filtered water is usable for RBF is natural and cost effective technique, which can good alternate source of drinking water.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipAHEC, IIT ROORKEEen_US
dc.publisherAHEC, IIT ROORKEEen_US
dc.subjectRiverbank filtrationen_US
dc.subjectWater treatmenten_US
dc.subjectAlternate Hydro Energy Centreen_US
dc.typeM.Tech Dissertationen_US
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