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Authors: Garg, Pallavi
Keywords: Energy management,;Energy generation and distribution system
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Our Civilization is moving towards the enhancement in lifestyle with fast pace. The technology is advancing with innovative ideas and also by dealing with real life related problems. Still the common mankind is not able to access this beneficial technology as it’s not economic enough for them. Solar in the past years has emerged as the promising future of the renewable energy resources. Its vast and abundantly available worldwide. Still we are not able to tap the maximum benefit from it. Firstly, the system being costly and the lack of knowledge among people about its benefit and usage is the second major issue. In this research efforts have been made to develop a technology which is efficient as well as economic. Only the generation of energy through solar panels is not going to change the existing system effectively but also its profitable consumption and regular monitoring to manage the load demand will bring effective change needed in our Energy generation and distribution system. So, the system developed under this research is intelligent enough to monitor the energy generated by the Solar panels and then accordingly distributes the load among the grid supply and the supply available from the Solar charged battery. This will reduce the energy consumption from grid and there will be remarkable reduction in electricity bill. Now with the energy management, load management is also necessary to preserve our consumption. Hence in the existing system intelligent control of various appliances over Internet of Things is also an added benefit. From anywhere worldwide you can control the various appliances in your building either commercial or residential through your smart phone. The status of all the appliances will be clearly visible and according to your need they will be controlled. In this modern era, among developed technologies Automation is the need of hour and needs practical implementation among the common person. This only possible if the available technology is economic, reliable, easy to handle. Hence the research conducted is having the above qualities and needs more research to enhance it for the betterment of the society
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Singh, S.N.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dissertation
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