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Authors: Sharma, Ravi Sanker
Issue Date: 1974
Abstract: Campus development and building design comprises a very large proportion of wick of architects and pl ers. This has been. true In the past decades and can be attri- buted to the vast ten year increase in the volume. When one examiri ss the Literature or the drawing documents presently available, it is observed that most of it deal s with the past design and planning procedures, but no docu- ment plan depict the system of development with special reference to housing for the campus in fixture. This dissertation pr~ittax'y deals with the develop tent plan, of University of Iborkee Carpus with special reference to housing, and introduces a system wh.oh is new in form, content and procedure. It refiects the tech iques, which may not be termed as new, but certainly a boon to the old cau uses, which are facing shortage of land and whereas activities are .irLcreaUig. The dissertatLon Is mainly in three pert ,# The first de&l s 4th the r cbu. l i n.g, the dec Ined dress, Ld rerl em l.ti s. The r.,'oon c1 deals with thG '+p ai sal of Present ca llus and lastly tie m n, areas of development for hous-. Ing end ph.a ne of thl: pl , but a coi:.lete d1 srorta` ion coving the cn ti iie f~. e . d i s 'b o ud yho scope of any .ngl e tnes 's, howrer tne author has rxdeavQuured to male this work . comprehensive as possiblo in respect of hou ng develop- ment. M The dev eLop MVr i s t x r e re e ssen 1 to i3e ti a .~ r ng of the 1 nxii g system, it the qualIty of development plan is ir-po.rtant factor in, dotermtning the success or f atluibe of the operation. The author does not e.aim this to be cos. letely original contribution in all its empassing and the ideas presented can be regarded a n astlattan of data,, supplemented by talks ,.th xrchtteets of the U.O.R. Caxt us from ti,: e to timo, ,survey Md vi Lts to some t)iversi uIe such as iiachal P rade; . Thtv'ersity, Lyn a, Piin j abt University, P ati. a1 a and aut r' s involvemeit in the p rep ar .tion of Interim deve-lopui t plan of U.P . •A,g ri cultural Tn. e'er €. ty, P antri ag ar, 4th Mr. Uack Swing, Mead of Vic. teettu,e Departmnt$ ,University of .11inoi s. The author is indebted to those who have been quoted in the dissertation, to terse who have contributor ed to It in the 4 ay of ideas or information ad to those from whom iliutrations have been obtained. It Is further sincere. yr hoped that this dissertation L11 provide a guide line for the arcidtects who are Involved in the design of buildings in the Carpus and over all to those, who are interested in the Campus development,
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