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Authors: Gupta, Amit
Keywords: CDAC
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: Today the Software Industry is driven by the quality of the software product. The quality of a (software) system is largely governed by the quality of the process used to develop and maintain it. So this premise focuses on process as well as product. And this has created a need for process improvement, which requires methods for process analysis and assessment. One of the most extensive and influential software process improvement and assessment framework is the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) developed by Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University. Capability Maturity Model is application of process management and quality improvement concepts to software development and maintenance, it is a guide for evolving toward a culture of engineering excellence. A model for organizational improvement as shown in [1]. In Other words Capability Maturity Model for Software (CMM or SW-CMM) is a model for judging the maturity of the software processes of an organization and for identifying the key practices that are required to increase the maturity of these processes as shown in [2]. It is intended to help software organizations improve the maturity of their software processes in terms of an evolutionary path from ad hoc, chaotic processes to mature, disciplined software processes. This thesis aims to study the CMM and its various KPA's in detail, and on the basis of it, develop an application which would map the functionality of the various KPA's of CMM up to level 3 or if possible the above level. With its help the organization will be able to automate the whole process of the project. The Application based on the standard process 1 described in the QMS(Quality Management System) will automate whole part of the SDLC documentation process which will be useful in tracking of the project which can be an important requirement for the management. The Application will also be useful for the organization to collect metrics to apply for CMM Level 3 or above levels and track status of the various projects. This application will serve an important part in the CMM assessment method. The application will be used by all the employees of the organization and mainly by the development team, the quality department and the management for collecting the metrics of the process. The application could be further enhanced to automate more process modules so as to help in attaining still higher levels of CMM. Could be helpful to achieve the organization wide data like Attendance, Time sheet, etc. 2
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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