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Authors: Kumar, Naveen
Keywords: CDAC
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: The project entitled "Implementing Client/Server Communication Security "is concerned with end-to-end security mechanisms for file transfer using the client/server infrastructure. The application allows client and server to communicate in a way that data cannot be eavesdropped and Server always authenticates the clients before any data transfer. The software has been developed as one of the modules of "Loan Accounting & Management Information System" for NSFDC being developed at ER&DCI, Noida. The application provides "security" which has three basic properties: Data confidentiality, Authentication and Data integrity. The Application is providing the sophisticated way to user to browse the file from the available storage devices, simple way to encrypting /decrypting and authenticating the files. It permits the end user to authenticate on server and send the files from one location to another in the Network. The objective is to develop a professional and general Application that is attractive to businesses and consumers.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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