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Authors: Das, Kamadev
Issue Date: 1999
Abstract: The objective of the present investigation is to experimentally study the behaviour of reinforced concrete columns repaired by ferrocement encasement and subjected to axial compression. Main emphasis was on gain, in strength as well as load deformation curves. Confinement of concrete by ferrocement with one or more mesh layers improves its compressive strength and also increases the capacity to sustain large deformations without substantial strength loss. Basically, ferrocement encasement is used to repair main structural components of buildings such as columns, beams and slabs etc. The experimental programme consisted of casting of twenty four columns. Out of which half of these were circular columns of size 150mm dia with 700 mm height and another half were square columns of size 150mm x 150 mm and 500 mm height. These were repaired with one or two layers of ferrocement wire mesh after testing specimens. Longitudinal reinforcement was provided with 6 nos of eitherr 8, 10 or 12 mm tor steel bars for circular columns. In case of square columns the number of longitudinal
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Singh, K. K.
Gupta, V. K.
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