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Authors: Bano, Farheen
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Water management in built environments particularly in the urban areas is a major challenge facing architects, town planners and the city manager the world over. India, like many other countries is likely to face acute water scarcity. It is estimated that increase in demand of water on account of population growth; increases effluence and existing shortage along with depletion of aquifers; reduction in sources of water (surface and subsurface); grossly adequate and inefficient water infrastructure in most of the cities coupled with climate change and ground water conflicts in some areas is likely to result in water crisis. Since buildings consume large amounts of resources and produce wastes in their process of construction, maintenance and use their proper management become crucial and more so in cases of housing, which form the bulk of buildings in all cities. Sustainable water management in housing not only makes a significant contribution to sustainable development in general but also improves quality, durability and cost effectiveness of housing on one hand and reduces the adverse impact of building on natural environment. The thesis aims at insuring water efficiency along with optimum utilization of energy resources, materials, waste management, indoor air quality and use of sustainable site is crucial for making sustainable building. Sustainable water management in housing involves reduction in water use by conserving water through use of appropriate/ water efficient fixtures and fittings; rainwater harvesting, recycling of wastewater at micro level (building and area level), water smart landscaping i.e. Xeriscape and watershed management at macro level. This thesis will culminate towards a construction of theory/design guidelines for Sustainable Water Management in housing by taking a case of Sahara States Housing in Lucknow. Universality of this research finding will also help in framing guidelines for Sustainable Water Management in housing for India as a whole.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Pushplata
Mukherjee, Mahua
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