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Authors: Prakash, P.
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Building services act as life line of any building. During earlier times when the architects were sole in charge of the building operations they were also the service engineers. Since at that had a knowledge of all the operations that are to be carried out and thus carried it out under their own supervision most of the ties they were able to create architectural masterpieces. However in today's context as the functions and demand have become more diverse and complex architects are sharing their responsibilities with specialists. These specialist (or service engineers as we may call them) just look into one aspect or requirement and deal with them accordingly. They are mostly unaware of the impact that there work would establish on other aspects of building design. It is the duty of architect to act as a co-coordinating media between alt_the service - engineers to have a balanced approach towards design. For this purpose it is necessary for an architect to have at least an understanding of all the aspects that are to be carried out in building so that he can guide others and make necessary changes that suits to design requirements accordingly. HVAC is one such aspect of building design that is transferred to a service engineer for detailing out. In general architects don't get too much involved into it as it takes a lot of numerical calculations to design it. But even then an architect if broadly understands the functioning and components of the HVAC system can use it to his own style for better results. In this dissertation all the factors of HVAC that are responsible for making up a good design of building have been tried to be studied through literature and case studies to determine how in reference of HVAC buildings could be made better.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Chani, P. S.
Ahuja, Rita
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