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Authors: Arora, V. B.
Issue Date: 1968
Abstract: Power system stability problems have been solved by various methods. In the present work for simulating the power faystem an the analogue computers each component of the system is represented by its performance equation. The synchronous machine is represented with the help of the operational forms of the Park's equation.. In the previous work the induction motor load is simulated with the help of a@O/dqo transformatiorn. tn this work the motor is simulated by its equation of motionand its equi.. valent circuit. In carrying out the transient stability study of the power system on the occurrence of unsymmetrical faults,. the method, of symmetrical components is used which reduces the system to a form suitable for analogue computat ion. An attempt has been made to include the contribution made by the damper winding and angle regulator towards the transient stability of the system when a major dict . urbane on the system takes place and finally the comb. rood effect of voltage regulator and angle regulator upon the transient stability limit of the system* The effect of variation of the various parameters of the system e.g. resistance damper winding, gain and time constants of the regulator and the governer can also be studied. This thesis gives in detail the performance equations of the various elements of the power system and the computer set—ups to simulate these equations# A simpler method of representing unsymmetrical faults on the system is proposed. This thesis also discuss briefly the various met-hods of simulation and study, Finally the method of simul.tIng a multi xn ichine system Is explained. The assumptions made are the same as made in other studies,
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Peeran, S. N.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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