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Authors: Ray, Sailendra Narayan
Issue Date: 1967
Abstract: ith tLo C;ro rth of ltreo intogratod poor oyotomo vith a nunbor of ti®os r vny norr prob10 o h^vo crioon in thoir otc~cdy_ otato o orc.tion. Thor iro a nu.ltitut10 of fcotoro i7hich h-.vo a bar Ira on Oho o orrtinC 000not y, such a4, vrrir►tion in fuel ooctc„ labour aostao roathor prediotiona, norm .l d cr"3rconoy rctineov ro~orvo ronuirononto, volta~o liiaitc, plant thorl ch rcctorintics, trancriecion loecoo oto. Only a four im~^ortcnt fmotoro hw:r, boon taken into oonoidoration to develop a criterion for optimun operation. In order to improve the oporntina characteristics of the cyoteml, auxiliary dovicon b, vo to be incorporated ribioh will mean inoreacod capital cruet. : n order to strike a ba1 nce betc~oo r economy and rol.{ ability, oaroful and long range planning in necessary tecina into account a l technical cognate of the + yotem. Ctabi ity of the poor eyctoma le an orcontial for_.ture of all major hi, h-voltado power ayctom deoign * Improved stability churactorietioe are noi realized by a relatively small inoror.00 in cost by proper oo-ordinaticn of the Oocign factor. or economics opor. atlon of not cr cyotome + it in nuc000 ry to ooncl "or the inoromntnl fuel cavi n and also the incroin ntn]. trrr+rninoIon loo oc. =ho cnalyoin of Inoroncn val tranecaioaion hr.n boon rrer.tly cimplifiod by the development of trananicnion loco forr-ilac opro= nod in tomo of plant and intorconnootion low tin ©, urine; toncor r nalyain. in n lone formula hoe boon dor"r11c (J I on the of aiti gifyin ; aaa.?mptiono i Bich r..✓ro vr lid or r: pre.otiop ryrton» 'ho trcncmx.c,iion lore for.: t la iL yw;- tioulr-riy r..~itod for ootputcr ap.1lio~.;;ion. i4 raotio.).1 7 problem with 4,enerntoro ±nd 4 loads-has been worked out for lose evaluation using a digital computer, IBM 1620. The economic generation sohodu' ing has been dlEcur-:ed using ' ir.orea ntal slide rule' and by `boading triangle' method. everal operational methoda for economic generation and load dispatching with the application of modern computers have al co been briefly diacuosed.
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