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Authors: Teltumbade, Snehal S.
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Water bodies are the precious commodity for the survival of the human. All the necessities of life which humans needs are dependent on availability of water and therefore water bodies became the important location for human settlements. Riverfront cities have historically emerged through conditions developed by mutuality between land and water. But in today�â� � s scenario the relationship between water and land has become less apparent. Rapid urban developments have replaced ecological components. This process lead to the problems such as loss of natural breathing spaces, imbalanced urban ecosystem, changes in the micro-climate. One possible way to balance the present haphazard development is to look back and conserve the existing natural areas within the urban area. The same case is with Nagpur; due to urbanisation the city has lost its natural water bodies. Nag-river has been taken as a case study which has lots of potentiality to develop in terms of recreational riverfront. Nag-river is the oldest river of the city due to which it has the heritage value. This thesis aims to discuss the potentiality of river to create the vibrant public open space for recreation in the Nagpur city by developing its riverfront and to explore the reintegration of a city with its riverfront through the buildings of public space and access. Riverfront design and redevelopment is currently a civic interest which consists of both challenges as well as opportunities. The goal of this study is to create good quality of recreational spaces along the riverfront of the Nag-river and connect them with the various destinations. This report will take a macro level study on the entire riverfront area.
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Research Supervisor/ Guide: Ahuja, Rita
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