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Authors: Prakash, Jaya
Issue Date: 1987
Abstract: This dissertation work describes the recording of surge in power system by microprocessor based surge recorder. Various types of •overvoltages, their influence on the selection of insulation levels of power system components and overvoltage limiting devices, their measuring or recording methods, have been highlighted in the introductory chapter. A brief review of the available literature on measuring or recording the surges has been given in chapter 2. The third chapter deals with the simulation of switching surges to check the correctness of the surge recorder developed. The work has been carried out on low voltage, hence instead of spark gap a debounced switch has been used in surge generator.. The fourth chapter deals with the developmental stages of microprocessor based surge recorder. The first stage of development is to record the magnitude and time of the surge generated from microprocessor itself. The second stage of surge recorder is the recording of the externally generated surge on receiving signal from microprocessor to generate the surge. The third stage is final stage which is on-line surge recorder. The fifth chapter deals with the results and discussion of the all three developmental stages of surge recorder. A comparative study has been made between the surges recorded by microprocessor based surge recorder and the surges stored on storage cathode ray oscilloscope. The last chapter sixth is the concluding chapter in which many conclusions derived from the work done in third, fourth and fifth chapter have been discussed.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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