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Authors: Balasubramanain, K.
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Health is Wealth. Good public Health makes the earth, "Hale & Healthy". Poor public Healthmakes "Pale & Sick". Sustainable health, especially for children and age old person is not possible without safe and hygienic environmental sanitation. But these, good health issues are hindered by the problems of burgeoning population and sinking resources on one side and the LPG policies (Liberalization, Privataization and Globalization) and Industrialization on the other side. Once worshiped, purified form of running water bodies now becomes putrefied due to free disposal of human wastes and no minimum environmental flow. But Developments and Destructions are both sides of coin in the Universe Hence it is the duty of Environmental Engineers, to adopt the opt Technology for treating the wastewater, harmonizing with BAT(Best available Technology) and LCT(Least Cost Technology) that is appropriate for the adjacent area to ,Chennai Metropolitan City and there by attaining the goal of ' Sanitation for all' .The adjacent area to Chennai City, Ward No-45 of Ambattur Municipality is selected since and water supply is provided from Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board where as the area has not been provided with sewerage system.. Since the area has been developed to its capacity and the area is low lying and is not ease with economic cost to include the area into the Chennai City Sewerage net work. Hence the only solution to go for DEWATs Technology (Decentralized Wastewater Treatments) for upkeeping the area for hygienic at economic cost with sustainability. Hence detail studies has been made on DEWATs technology available internationally and opt technology, locally suitable has been elected from the selected DEWATs namely WSP(Waste Stabilization Ponds),ISF(Intermittent Sand Filtration) and the Modern Technology,SBR(Sequencing Batch Reactor).By designing and estimating these traditional DEWATs, and analyzing their Performances' both Technically and Economically among them also comparing the DEWATS with the Centralized Technology, MASP (Modified Activated Sludge process)..The benefits of smaller dia pipes, reaping the benefit of 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) here, selling the treated effluent to near by Industries, since Ambattur is famous for its Industrial Area, where water scarcity is prevailing. From the analysis of data on selected DEWATs technologies said above, sound decision of `adoption of SBR Technology' to treat the ward No-45 of Ambattur Municipality located adjacent to Chennai City, has been taken.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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