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Authors: Yousif, Eltag Ibrahim
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: The objective of the study is to develop a program in Matlab programming language to analyze the time series of the flows for Nile River Basin at various locations in order to check for any long term trend and periodicities and also to study the temporal and spatial correlation structures. The objective is also to generate synthetic flows at all the station under the study using Thomas Fiering Model with Fortran program. A lot of work has been done in different parts of the world on time series analysis. Literature related to this study has been briefly reviewed and described in chapter 1. The details of the study area along with the river network of Nile River are discussed in chapter 2. The methodology of analysis is stochastic modeling of hydrological processes is discussed in chapter 3. The developed Matlab program and its results are tabulated in appendix II and appendix III respectively; however the summary of result is tabulated and discussed in chapter 4. The conclusions of the study are included in chapter 5.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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