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Authors: Gupta, Shirish
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: In hilly areas of Himalayan region, perennial streams with small discharges are available in plenty, which can be harnessed for small power generation. In the plains, the large irrigation systems where there are small drops in the canals having considerable. discharges can also be harnessed for small power generation. The emphasis on micro-hydro, which is one of the most environmentally benign energy conversion option available, is being laid because unlike large scale hydro power, it does not to interfere significantly with river flows. Micro-hydro generating schemes should be ideally suited to rural electrification of remote areas in developing countries with abundant hydrological potential. The hydrological potential for micro-hydro is such that the possible sites tend to be low in output power, large in number, and widely dispersed: The concept of micro-hydro is thus found to be appropriate to the hilly areas in Himalayan region in the Indian context. The problem associated with small hydropower exploitation especially in micro hydro is technical as well as economical. Each proposed site requires individual engineering considerations for civil works as well as for equipment. Therefore, costs become infeasible due to lack of standardization of the system for such a small power generation. From past experiences it is observed that., the exploitation of micro hydro potential has not been the successful story due to application of scale down approach for civil works and non-standardization of equipment. This leads micro hydro power plants uneconomical. Keeping this in view, it is felt that there is a need to find out cost-effective strategies for the development of micro hydropower.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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