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Authors: Haldar, Sanyasachi
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: Water resource projects are of major importance due to great demand for power, irrigation, municipal water supply, navigation and flood control. Reservoirs are the most important elements of complex water resource systems. A reservoir is constructed to change the temporal and spatial availability of water in a stream. -Since the natural flow in a stream varies in quantity with time and it seldom follows the demand pattern, it is essential to store the water when the availability is more than the requirements and release it from storage when the situation reverses. Reservoirs may be for single purpose or multipurpose. Single purpose reservoir, as the, name implies, are meant for a particular purpose such as conservation reservoir for public water supply, irrigation or hydro-electric power generation. Multipurpose reservoir are for at least any two use such as irrigation and hydropower generation. For single purpose or multipurpose, planning is an integral part of water resource development. Planning leads to a simple relationship among the available water supply, demand and the volume of the reservoir storage to be provided. At the time of low flow of river the reservoir which is drawing water from that river may be unable to satisfy the demand at that time. Reservoir can store excess water in high flow period of river and can supply that water in the dry seasons. The capacity of reservoir is an important parameter according to which the operating policy of' reservoir can be fixed. So the capacity and yield is the most important aspect of a storage reservoir design. Yield is that amount of water which can be supplied from the reservoir in a defined interval of time.
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