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Authors: Lubis, Ali Nasran
Issue Date: 1985
Abstract: The basic requirement in the planning of water resources development project is to identify the flow characteristics at the proposed project site. This can be achieved by a considerably long term record of the flow sequence. But unfortunately, flow sequence of desired length are generally not available in most of the develop-ing countries, particularly in Indonesia. However the rain-fall and other hydrometeorological data of considerably long period are generally available. A number of rainfall - runoff model have been suggested which effectively use the available rainfall and other hydrometeorological data for generation of flow sequence. The input requirement of these models vary considerably. Hcwever, from practical considera-tions, it is desirable that the model should be simple enough to operate with limited available data. In the present study, the tank model has been selectee and applied to Batang Sumpur basin of West Sumatra in view of its being very simple and requiring only daily,rainfall ani average monthly potential evaporation as the input data., Before applying the model to Batang Sumpur data, preliminary analysis was carried out and the consistancy of the data was established and the flow characteristics identified. The model was then, calibrated with the help of the first two years of data and then tested with the remaining one year record.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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