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Authors: Hossain, Md. Mubarak
Issue Date: 1985
Abstract: Spatially Varied Flow (SVF) theory with increasing discharges based on the principle of conservation of momentum are applied to river flows to evaluate the flow profiles, depths, discharges, velocities and !roude numbers at different bed slopes, various roughnesses and different cross-sections of the river. It is assumed that the rainfall excess have been contributed water linearly and uniformly to the river from its catchment area. Straight prismatic river or natural channel with water uniformly increases along the flow have been considered. Since,the analytical solution of SVF theory is not possible, therefore, method of numerical integration has been used in this case. All studies have been made for the case of subcritical flow condition of the river.. Making the computer programs on SVF theory, digital computer DECSYSTEM-20 has been used for evaluating the whole results by trial and error methods. The manning's formula is used to calculate the initial depth of the river flows. Firstly, different conceptual configurations of catchments and various cross-sectional areas of the river have been made and then applied SVF theory with increasing discharge.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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