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Authors: Bajracharya, Om Ratna
Issue Date: 1984
Abstract: The study has been dealt with the operation of multipurpose Narmada Sagar reservoir through computer simu-lation technique. In the study, the top priority has been given to irrigation, i.e. water is first drawn from the re-servoir to melt the target out put for irrigation and then to meet the energy requirements. The aim of reservoir operation is to introduce a set of rules for storing and releasing water from a reservoir of a given water resources system. A rule curve for operation of multipurpose Narmada Sagar reservoir for storing and releasing water was developed by trial and error approach. A rule curve is the minimum reservoir storage which can be reached at the end of each month. Twenty two years (1948-1972) of data were used for operation. With the annual irrigation requirement of 1+80MCM it Narmada sagar and dead storage of 2.48 (convention rule), it is found that the defiency of irrigation requirement is i nil at Sagar Taking 11.71 MCM as the Water requirement at Narmadasag r and operating the reservoir using conventional rule, it is found that these is a huge deficit of water req-uirement. Several trials were made to reduce the deficit at N^_vagav and the required value is found to be 3.30 MCM giving no deficit of water requirement at Navagam.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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