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Authors: Pathak, A. K.
Issue Date: 1984
Abstract: Now a days, the proper utilization of water is most important object in the development of Indian agriculture. To meet the demand of growing population, efforts are needed for increasing the nutrients value of the crops. In such situation an optimal water use policy on nutrient maximization is necessary. The main aim of the present study is to find out a policy for optimal use of land and water resources result-ing in maximum nutrients return satisfying balanced diet need of the people in the study area. The study of optimal allocation of land and water are done at two levels i.e. with minimum area constraints and without minimum area constraints. The minimum area constraints are introduced to satisfy the food requirement in the study area and to reduce the transportation cost. Here the linear programming model is used for finding out the optimal allocation of area for various crops as well as optimal allocation of water for various crops. The main aim of this study is to maximize the different -nutrients of crop by optimal use of land and water.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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