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Authors: Gebremariam, Fasil Taddese
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: As the idea of using the direct application of electrical energy to remove metal is gaining acceptance, the range of methods of using the electrochemical principles is broadening. In some cases electrochemical machining is replacing the so-called conventional machining, in others it is being integrated with them. One such combining of processes is the marriage of electrochemical machining with conventional honing. Electrochemical honing, as it is called, couples the high stock removal capability of electrochemical machining process to the controlled, functional, surface generating capability of conventional honing. Electrochemical machining has much higher material removal rate than conventional honing with multiple advantages of providing better surface roughness, and improved honing stone life. Electrochemical honing has the limitation that the work piece must be electrical conductive [Ref. 1,2,3,4]. This paper presents an experimental study of the effects of Electric voltage, Electrolyte concentration, Electrolyte pressure, and Motor rotational speed on the work surface finish of electrochemical honing process. In this set up a cast iron of ASTM 35, with Brinell Hardness (Hb 212) is used as a work piece. The results show that increasing the value of any of the parameters lead to significant improvement in surface roughness. From the analysis the most contribution to the improvement of the surface roughness goes to the electric voltage and electrolyte concentration, especially in the combination of high level for both electric voltage and electrolyte concentration. This signifies that electrochemical honing process owes it out standing performance from electric voltage and electric concentration. Controlling the two variables can give a multiple advantage that other machining processes may not give.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Shan, H. S.
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