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Authors: Niranjan, Manish Kumar
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The FRPs due to their numerous of advantage are employed for a number of applications these days. The glass fiber-reinforced co posite materials possess advantage for structural purpose in various industries an are widely used in many engineering structures including automobile, aviation, and civil engineering due to their lower weight compared to metallic structure. In any pro uct, there are generally several parts or components that are joined by bolts, rivets tc. through the drilled hole to make the complete assembly. If the composite laminat s with a drilled hole has poor strength to sustain high load then the complete assembl will break resulting in complete failure. Hence the strength of the laminate with dril ed hole is an issue. Drilling is frequently applied in production cycle while the aniso ropy and non homogeneity of composite materials affect the chip formation and mac ining behavior during drilling. Traditional and non-traditional drilling processes are feasible for making fine holes for composite materials by careful selection of tool point geo etry, method and drilling parameters. In the present work, a series of experiments were conducted using radial drilling machine to drill the composite laminate at differ nt drilling parameters. The amount of delamination of laminates was measured by using the dye penetrant test and analyzed using image processing software image J 1. 4. The compressive fixture was designed with the help of SOLID WORKS and develo ed on shaper machine for the compressive testing. A finite element approach to •pre ict the breaking or kinking of fibers in composite laminates is brought forward in thi project which is based on Hashin's failure initiation criteria. Numerical simulations wer carried out, for the same dimensions and properties of the specimen, with the help of ABAQUAS 6.7-3 for different drilling parameters. The mechanical behaviour of G RP laminates with drilled hole has been investigated both experimentally and numeri ally. The laminates have been subjected to compressive, bending and fatigue loading and the experimental results have been found to be in close agreement with the numerical resu is qualitatively.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Singh, Inderdeep
Madaan, Jitendra
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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