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Authors: Baranwal, Nitin
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: In 1888, the invention of the ballpoint pen revolutionized the world of writing. In 1995 the invention of the Pilot connected organizer revolutionized the world of computing. Pilot 1000 was the fist PalmTop that came in the market and it was widely adopted. The convenience, power, and ease of use of Palm OS handheld devices make them attractive to a wide variety of users. Handheld devices running the Palm OS have found their way into the shirt pockets of doctors, lawyers, sales personnel, business professionals, and other segments of society. What makes the Palm handheld such a great device? Some of the reasons for its success are: the PalmPilot is truly shirt-pocketable, inexpensive, fast, and simple, and pair of AAA batteries drives it for two or three months. Its cost is almost anybody's standard of measure. It does almost anything one asks it to do. But there's another, bigger reason that overshadows all the others: the PalmPilot is amazingly easy, pleasant, and satisfying to program. Palm Computing and the Palm OS are so open, clear and friendly, almost anyone with a lrttle programming experience can create new software for it. This report gives an , introduction of handheld device PalmTop, its development environment and details of applications that have been created on it. First application was created for Defense Research and Development Organization. This application is mainly developed for Secure Serial Communication between two distinct Nodes of Organization. The motive behind the Development of the Application was to provide Secure and Robust Communication Provider for Intra-Messaging Services of DRDO which is of high importance because of it's very Nature. It basically incorporates technologies like serial communication, encryption & File Format Conversion. Second Application developed for Indian Railways is the Proposed Electronic Solution for Repairing and Maintenance process conducted at regular interval, which is mostly Paper based and Manual. The new Palm based Solution will enhance the efficiency of the System by increasing the Data Processing speed and accuracy. This Application incorporates technologies like interconnectivity of VB and PalmTop through HotSync.
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Kumar, Anoop
Maheswari, R. P.
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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